Richwood Farms - Since 1962

Photo by Kathy Haverdink

Richwood Farms is owned and operated by Char Richards, an AKC Merit Breeder and the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 "Obedience Breeder of the Year," Kalamazoo Kennel Club, Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Richwood Farms is also a permanently registered ASCA Kennel.


·       Time Inc. kicks off HBO, the first pay cable network

·       President Nixon orders the first space shuttle program to begin.

·       "Pong" introduces the video game craze

·       $.55 was price for a gallon of gas

·       Mark Spitz wins 7 gold medals during the Summer Olympics in Munich

·       The Godfather, an American epic, hits screens across the U.S

·       Char Richards, owner and operator of Richwood Farms, fell in love with an Aussie


It was 1972, and while judging a horse show, I noticed two Australian Shepherds, male and female, working horses and cattle. Let me rephrase that; the two “Aussies” seemed to be managing the horses and cattle. Their speed, courage and agility were amazing; it was truly love at first sight. After inquiring more about these marvelous creatures, I was presented with one of their offspring, a female Blue Merle, as a sign of appreciation for my horse judging. It was only one weekend in my life, but it set the stage for a lifetime of commitment and passion for the breed.


A few years later in 1975, we obtained two more Aussies (Red Merles) from Arizona breeders, Gary Hawley and Carolyn McGuinnes.  Our commitment to maintaining a high degree of integrity in our breeding has continued ever since with confirmation lines that carries Slash V, Los Rocosa, Mini Acre, Colorado, Copper Canyon and Blue Lad bloodlines. 

If you are new to Aussies and you are wondering what all of this means, then it may be easiest to simply share this; when you bring home an Australian Shepherd puppy from Richwood Farms, you can be confident you are bringing home a “new family member” that is supremely intelligent and lovingly gentle.

Purchasing a new dog is an exciting event; and while it is tempting to make an emotional decision, we hope you take time to take carefully consider the breeder’s history and commitment to “clean” genetics.

At Richwood Farms, we pride ourselves on producing physically and mentally sound companions and conformation dogs, with pristine genetic backgrounds. 

This means that we strive to keep our lines free of genetic defects and hereditary problems, such as epilepsy, hip dysplasia, missing teeth, bad bites, eye problems, poor temperaments and reproductive problems.   Furthermore, my meticulous breeding habits help improve the entire breed which is something I consider more important than simply “breeding champions” that pass defects to their progeny.  A champion may be nice in the short term, but if he/she yields unhealthy pups, it does nothing to improve the breed overall. Likewise, a strong working dog with eye disease or hip dysplasia caused by sloppy breeding habits is worthless in rounding up sheep or cattle. 

We are actively engaged to ensure our dogs are second to none in conformation, obedience, agility and rally. Our commitment runs deep, as evidenced by having our dogs registered with the following respected organizations:

  • AKC (American Kennel Club)
  • UKC ( United Kennel Club)
  • ASCA (Austrailian Shepard Club of America)
  • CKC (Canadian Kennel Club)

Our dedication is further evidenced by our enthusiastic support of the following associations:

  • ASCA,
  • Kalamazoo Kennel Club (an AKC affiliate)
  • Third Leg Club of Kalamazoo (an obedience training club)

Our puppies are beautiful, intelligent and bred to the Standard.  We have exceptional pedigrees combining top show and working bloodlines.  We have show dogs you can work and working dogs you can show.  More importantly, our dogs will quickly become an extended member of your family. There is an old adage that states "knowledge gained through experience has no equal."  We happen to agree, and our 40 years of experience should give you the confidence to know that when you invest in Richwood Farms puppy, you are purchasing more than a dog; you are investing in a Legacy of Breeding Excellence.

Char and Izzy.  "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face." - Ben Williams